Water Blasting Services


Do you want to clean the outside of your house, your driveway, a wooden deck, or any other outside area? If so, our water blasting services are the ideal solution. Our customers choose us because of the quality of our work and our expertise. This includes being able to clean your house or driveway without chipping the surface or causing any other damage.
Our water blasting teams use the latest equipment, and they are all well-trained, experienced, and skilled.
Plus, we keep our prices competitive. Get in touch to find out more and to get a quote.

  • Removing moss and mould – we have both high-pressure and low-pressure water blasting equipment. This enables us to use the right solution for your job while also ensuring all moss and mould is removed without damaging the exterior of your home or stripping the paintwork.
  • Stripping paintwork – if stripping paintwork is the objective, we have equipment that will get that job done too. This includes different types of nozzle that enable us to strip paint from the outside of your house or from fences or roofs.
  • Driveway cleaning – our services also include water blasting your driveway to make the concrete look like new. Even on stained driveways, we have environmentally-friendly solutions that will remove the stain and leave the driveway clean.

Get a quote for water blasting in Auckland by calling 09 954 0040.