Stormwater Services

Stormwater Services

Cesspit Clearing

Cesspit Maintenance in Auckland

A cesspit is an underground tank that collects wastewater (and sometimes sewage). These need to be regularly maintained in order to remove debris that naturally builds up over time. If left unmaintained, blockages will occur, resulting in costly repair bills. We provide either a one-off service, or a Cesspit Maintenance Plan.

Our Cesspit Clearing Process

Our experienced, trained, and fully equipped team will arrive at your site with a modern and well-maintain vacuum truck. Before starting the vacuuming process, we’ll clear any concrete or grout in your cesspit, to ensure the pieces are small enough to be removed. We’ll then vacuum up anything that shouldn’t be in the cesspit, dramatically reducing the potential for large blockages or other types of problem from occurring.

Cesspit Maintenance Plans

At Hydro Specialists, we provide fixed price cesspit maintenance plans, ensuring regular maintenance is completed at a pre-agreed price. No surprises or nasty shocks!

Culvert & Tunnel Clearing

Culvert & Tunnel Maintenance Auckland

A culvert and tunnel are interchangeable and define a structure that allows water to flow underground from one area to another. A blocked culvert results in restricted water flow, causing flooding and excess surface water.

Why Use Hydro Specialists?

Our team are experienced and qualified in all drainage, confined space and potential health and safety issues. Our vacuum and waterblasting equipment is both powerful and effective in clearing any debris or sludge that is preventing water from running through your culvert as it should. All equipment used by Hydro Specialists is top-of-the-line, and we have the capacity to handle any size of contract.

Use our one-off service or take advantage of our regular maintenance plan completed at a pre-agreed price. We offer a 24hour emergency callout service, ensuring a timely response to the issue at hand. To get a quote for clearing or cleaning a tunnel, please contact us now.

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