Wastewater & Sewer Services

Septic Tank Maintenance

Your septic tank does an important job in your house, but it requires regular maintenance to ensure it can continue doing that job properly. 

At Hydro Specialists, we offer the septic tank maintenance services you need, including cleaning to remove the build-up of sludge and scum that occurs in all septic tanks. 

Pump Chamber Maintenance

Pump chambers also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Sludge and debris can block the pump, causing it to overheat and cause damage, stopping the pump from working. This often results in costly repairs or replacement. Maintenance is very crucial, and you should get your septic tanks and pump chambers cleaned at least once every three years to prevent problems in your system.

Problem Identification
  • Unusual or bad smells coming from your air vents or drains
  • Drains or toilet takes longer to drain than normal
  • Sewage may start backing up, particularly in gully traps, vents or low-lying pipes.
  • Noticeably dark green on your lawn close to the septic tank or in the drainage field