Concrete Driveway Slurry


The creation of concrete slurry typically occurs when exposing concrete – for example, exposing concrete to reveal decorative aggregate. What happens to this waste concrete slurry, however, that you wash, power wash, brush, or blast off?

This is particularly important if you are exposing concrete in a location that is close to a cesspit or close to a public road. This is because the concrete slurry can end up in the cesspit or in the drains on the road. When this happens, the concrete can cause blockages and can even end up in the ocean or in other waterways, polluting the environment.

Aside from that, you could get a hefty fine from the council – as much as $20,000.


Our Vacuum truck will prevent the concrete slurry you produce from entering the public drainage system, any other drainage system, a cesspit, or anywhere else that it shouldn’t go. Instead, it will end up in our vacuum truck ready for safe, careful, and legal disposal.

In addition, we can vacuum acid wash-offs on your concrete driveway.

To find out more, and to get a quote for dealing with your concrete slurry, contact us today by calling 09 954 0040.