Concrete Slurry

What is Concrete Slurry?

Concrete slurry typically occurs when exposing a freshly poured concrete or exposing a decorative aggregate that has been washed, power-washed, or water-blasted.

Safe Removal of Concrete Slurry

Our Vacuum truck will prevent the concrete slurry from entering the  public drainage system or anywhere else it shouldn’t go, such as cesspits and slot drains. This is particularly important if you are in a location that has a drainage system connected to council mains, as the concrete can cause blockages and can even end up in the ocean or other waterways. Not only does this have a catastrophic environmental impact, but you could receive a hefty fine up to $20,000 from the council. Hydro Specialists will vacuum up all water and slurry (including from acid washes) for a safe, careful and legal disposal.