Drill Slurry/Clay Vacuuming


Drill slurry, or drill clay, is a feature of just about all drill pits. It naturally builds up once the pit is drilled, particularly as the hole is used. The problem with this becomes apparent whenever you fill the hole back up again, as this can cause the drill slurry to spill onto the road and even go down the drain.
This can cause blockages, it’s bad for the environment, and it can get you into bother with the council.
There is a simple solution, though – our drill slurry vacuuming services. We offer drill slurry vacuuming anywhere in Auckland and have a fleet of trucks capable of doing the job. This means we’ll be there when you need us, ensuring your project continues to run on time. Give us a call today to find out more.

  • Well-maintained and modern vacuum trucks that can get the job done
  • Experienced and skilled vacuum truck operators/drivers
  • Our service is reliable and high-quality
  • We’ll dispose of the vacuumed drill slurry responsibly
  • You’ll get a competitive price when you come to us for drill slurry vacuuming

Our quotes for drill slurry vacuuming in Auckland are free, and there is no obligation. Call today on 09 954 0040.